It all starts with a dream...

We believe that when work comes from the heart, goodness will come of it. By working with the earth, we make life better for future generations and the ecology around us. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality hemp flower products that are grown consciously and sustainably. It is our dream to one day live in a world where regenerative organic farming is the standard, and plastics are replaced with sustainable alternatives like hemp.


The Farm

Birds eye view of our farm in 2020

Located in the fertile Umpqua Valley of Southern Oregon, our fields are situated in rich loamy soils of ancient flood plains along the Calapooia River. This combined with long sunny summers make for fantastic cannabis growing conditions.

Cultivation Practices

Happy health plants make the best medicine! Our science driven program utilizes an organic amendment application each spring based on soil test results. During the growing season we apply potent microbe rich teas, formulated for the specific growth stage of the plant. Cover crop in the off season adds organic matter for the following year. And our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) uses natural predatory insects; never sprays of any kind.

Why we're different.

Folks are more discerning these days. They don't just want quality products, they need to know their products are backed by environmental ethics and good morals, which can be hard to find. At Umpqua Valley Hemp, we are proud to:

  • Use only organic and sustainable fertilizer inputs.
  • Interplant with beneficial herbs and have a predatory insect program.
  • Choose product packaging that is recyclable, avoiding plastic whenever possible.
  • Reuse and divert waste. It is our goal to work towards being carbon neutral..
  • Pay our local employees with live-able earnings. Take care of the team, they take care of you.

Our Promise

We value quality, integrity, and consistency in all that we do. We show our appreciation to our customers by offering a “100% Grateful Guarantee,” if you aren't happy, neither are we. We  feel honored to share the fruits of our labor with the world, and strive to offer only the best.