Umpqua Valley Hemp Wholesale Program

Looking for a dependable wholesale partner for your next project? We are your trusted source for the some of the best farm-direct flower available as well as other high quality bulk materials for your product line. Let us win you over with our the quality of our products, service, and reliability. Feel good at the end of the day knowing your products are farmed organically with respect for the land.

Wholesale Advantages

  • Access to discounted farm-direct pricing to build your product line
  • The more you buy the more you save!
  • Preferential early-access to new products and new harvests
  • Build long term relationship with farmers you can trust


Bulk Product Offerings


High CBD & CBG Hemp Flower

We are farmers first and foremost, and take great pride in our organic cultivation practices. All the products below start with the finest sungrown flower that is harvested by hand. Not only do we know how to grow it well, but with 15 years of experience we know how to properly dry, cure, and finish cannabis flower to perfection. Our flower consistently tests well above 20%+ total cannabinoids and 3%+ terpenes. *Stock is subject to limits based on annual fall harvests


Live Hemp Terpenes

We are proud to offer a very special product that is from steam distilling our fresh flower in the field within moments of harvest. This produces a super pure, ultra potent "essential oil" of the cannabis plant that contains no cannabinoids, just 95%+ terpenes. Can be used as a traditional essential oil would, in topicals, flavoring in tinctures, candles, or for viscocity and natural flavor for cannabis vape pens.


Hemp Flower Crude

  • Coming soon, bulk high CBDa crude oil!
  • High CBD & CBG winterized crude oil made with organically grown flower. 


CBD & CBG Distillates

  • Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Available
  • Produced by vetted GMP lab partners
  • Tested solvent, heavy metal and pesticide free


Bulk Minimum Order Quantities

  • Hemp Flower - 1 lb
  • Crude - 1 L
  • Distillates - 1 L
  • Live Terpenes - 100 ml

Please inquire directly for most recent COAs and current market pricing, and to discuss price discounts with increasing order size


Didn't see what you're looking for?

Reach out to us if you have questions about your project or a great idea you are looking to put together. We work with clients and companies of all sizes. We can fulfill anything from a spot on your retail shelf to consistent bulk supply for your product line or retail flower. We are also happy to fulfill custom requests whenever possible. Let's work to succeed together.

Wholesale Facility

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